Services and Programs

Adult Basic and Literacy Education Classses

Intermediate Unit 1 offers a variety of instructional programs throughout Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties. Whether you are seeking a GED in order to find employment or need to improve your math and writing skills to attend at postsecondary program, we offer a convenient location with a comprehensive educational experience specifically tailored to assist you toward achieving your career goals.

Literacy Classes

This class provides the foundation for developing basic literacy and beginning math skills. Literacy classes are offered at the following locations:

English as a Second Language Classes

This class offers English Language Learners with the opportunity to build reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. English as a Second Language classes are available at the following location:

Adult Basic Education Classes

This program offers an introduction to fundamental skills in reading, English, math, and career exploration. This class provides the foundation for GED preparation and introduces career pathways opportunities for employment and postsecondary training. Classes are available at:

Adult Secondary Education

This course provides intensive GED and remedial preparation with opportunities to explore several career pathways with a focus on obtaining entry level employment or entering a postsecondary training program. Adult Secondary Classes are provided at:

Bridge Classes

This class focuses on providing students planning to enter a post-secondary institution with college level reading, writing, and math skills. Specialized career pathways are explored in addition to college success skills. Bridge classes are available at:

Health Career Prep Class (TEAS Prep)

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Prep class prepares you to enter a career in the health field. Preparation for entrance exam will be provided along with improvement in reading, writing, and math skills. Specialized career pathways are explored. These classes are available at: